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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Slight improvements and slow "rush" delivery

I did some hair pulling before I finally got it working right but, with the exception of the jewelry catalog pages (which will take some more time), any page loaded outside the frame-set or in the wrong frame will reload in the right place within the proper framework. I also added some descriptive text to the decor section: http://www.handheadman.com/decor.htm (Wouldn't have been able to get there directly from a link and maintain the navigation frame before the fix.)

In other news; a couple of days ago I ordered some materials I was running short of (brass sheet, wire, pinbacks. etc.) from New Mexico and paid extra for UPS Blue Label shipping. According to the tracking, the package, which is due today, has been in Nashville since 6:25pm yesterday. Here it is after 5:30pm on the due date and no supplies. Come on "brown"! What are you waiting on???

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