Hmm, how do I describe this? It's really just words that fell together almost randomly, but after it was all written down it made a lot of sense to me. I guess it can be summed up like this: Loneliness can be like a dark, prison tower. When you're with someone special, the "answering machine" in that dark tower has to take messages, because you're not there. Now, out in the world with your love, things that would pass a dark and lonely mind unnoticed shine like beacons into your shared experience. Things inanimate seem alive when you're in love.


Walk With Me

the ring of laughter
turns on the answering machine
in the shadows
in the tower
built within my dreams

amiable fireflies
flash secret signs
and underneath our feet
the moss grows impatient

countless stars wink
at the lights of the city
and we walk for hours
in the heavy breath of the night

the moon above
smiles with secret knowledge

who but you or i would notice?


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